About me

An Australian living in London, I work as the graphics lead at the open-source consultancy Collabora. During my 10 years with Collabora, I’ve worked with clients such as ARM, Intel, Google, Raspberry Pi, Zodiac Inflight Innovations, and many more. Before Collabora, I worked on Maemo/MeeGo at Nokia, on Ubuntu at Canonical, and at LinuxFund and Trinity College, University of Melbourne.

I focus on the Linux and open-source graphics stack, including Wayland and the associated plumbing both sides of it: kernel modesettting, EGL and GBM, the Vulkan WSI, GStreamer, Chromium’s Exosphere, etc. I believe strongly in having better infrastructure, and have spent time working on build systems, CI, issue trackers, and more; as part of this, I am one of the team who runs freedesktop.org.

In a past life, I worked on X.Org and XFree86 for quite a few years, but not anymore; I’ve also previously worked on Debian, Ubuntu, KDE, and other open-source projects.

Email: daniel@fooishbar.org or daniels@collabora.com